Yes, Elliott is a strong man. But after playing division 1 college football he also earned the title of Florida’s Strongest Man while competing as a professional strongman from 2009 – 2014. Later spinning his athletic career into Strength Camp.
Elliott likes to think of himself as a “video poet”. He’s created over 2,000 inspirational, informative and weird YouTube videos that have attracted over 2.5 million subscribers and over 360 million views. In 2015 he earned the award of “YouTube Fan’s Favorite”.
After a long career as an athlete, fitness coach and YouTube creator Elliott turned his focus inwards through active meditation, and bionenergetics. Today he shares the gift of meditation worldwide through his live Grounding Camp retreats.
Husband to his high school sweetheart, father of four children, father-figure to thousands and owner of four businesses with the mission to empower others – Elliott is the king of empowering kings!
Est. 2007 – STRENGTH CAMP started from humble beginnings. From training athletes and fitness clients with sandbags and flat tires in city parks, Strength Camp has grown into a global movement with locations worldwide and two sister companies, Strength Camp Media and Strength Camp International.
Elliott pioneered Grounding Camp in 2016 in order to bring his innovative and controversial gift of “Energetic Strength” to the world through Osho Active Meditations & Bioenergetic Grounding.
After a decade of creating YouTube videos on topics related to his holistic model for fitness and life mastery, Elliott has condensed his teachings into KING “The Four Layer Approach To Becoming The Strongest Version Of Yourself.”
Elliott uploaded his first YouTube video in 2007 featuring himself training clients at Strength Camp — over the next 8 years the Strength Camp channel climbed to the top spot in the fitness / bodybuilding niche by attracting over 1,000,000 subscribers. Along with his self titled channel, where Elliott provides entertaining and controversial solutions to life questions by young people, his videos have over 360 million views. In 2015 he earned the award of “YouTube Fan’s Favorite”.
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