Elliott Hulse is an internationally renowned Strength & Conditioning Coach, Strongman, Author, Social Media Celebrity, Mentor, Holistic Life Coach, and Inspiration to Millions of people. Sharing his message “Be the Strongest Version of Yourself and Inspire Others” with over 2.5 Million viewers through his YouTube channel “Strength Camp” he made himself a name for unifying the development of the body and the mind.
Successful business owner with 4 internationally operating companies: 
Founder and CEO of the world renowned “Strength Camp” Gym in St. Petersburg, Florida
Strength Camp Media LLC 
Strength Camp International LLC

Grounding Camp LLC

Internationally renowned YouTube channels with over 2.5 Million Subscribers

C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3
C.H.E.K Exercise Coach

NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach

Active Meditation & Bioenergetic Healer

Bachelor’s Of Science St. John’s University Queens, NY

Professional Strongman, America’s Strongest 231 class 2009

Inspiration to millions of young men and women to be the strongest version of themselves

Father of four and loving husband to his wife Colleen which he had been together with since he was 14 years old
Elliott’s parents originate from Belize which is a small country in Latin America. Together with Elliott’s uncle Elroy they decided to move from Belize to Brooklyn, New York.

Elliott was then born on the 10th of April 1979 to Debbie and Edmund Hulse in New York.

The Hulse family moved to Long Island together with Roy. After Elliott came three further siblings named Ellis, Eric and Stacey.

Elliott’s Uncle Roy, who was involved in Gymnastics and Martial Arts, started to introduce him and his brothers to physical exercise in the basement of their house.
Formal Study & Football
At 5 years of age Elliott already was in good physical shape and the strongest kid in school.

And because of his physical appearance and mixed ethnicity he was often asked “What are you?” by teachers and other students. Not only did Elliott differ from his classmates physically but also mentally. He was more energetic and wanted to move.

As time continued and Elliott went to middle school he started to play American Football.

On the football field Elliott excelled because of his physical prowess and strength. At the same time he also began to develop in the philosophical department. He started reading books on the subject of “Who are you?” (e.g. by Rollo May) and already asked himself big questions at a very young age.

Through his athletic ability Elliott earned himself a scholarship for college Football at St. John’s University and played as an undersized defensive lineman. He went on to play running back in addition to defense, and led his team in sacks and touchdowns. He earned the title of team captain and MVP.

Then Elliott went to grad school to study strength and conditioning but discontinued his formal studies due to what he believes was too much theoretical and non-practical information.  
Shortly after he married his high school girlfriend Colleen on the 18th of August 2002.
Career & Becoming an Entrepreneur
Following these events Elliott became a personal trainer with two guys named Jon and Bobby. They introduced Elliott Hulse to Paul Chek whose material he then studied intensely. Applying his new found knowledge to training athletes in New York, Elliott’s clients got great results by following his program.

He then moved with his whole family to St. Petersburg, Florida where he resides up until now.

Elliott started a job as a Personal Trainer in a local gym and quickly had the most clients and the best results. As the top money maker and trainer he had the idea of opening up his own gym and Strength Camp was born.

He also began his strongman career at that time in which he became one of the strongest men in his weight category nationwide. After tearing his biceps tendon Elliott ended his strongman training.
Re-Discovering His Life’s Philosophy
Because of being broke and injured Elliott got depressed and this led him to rediscover what REAL STRENGTH meant.

He came up with the idea that there were actually four layers of strength: Physical, physiological, psychological and presentable Strength. They are all under the heading of “Become the strongest version of yourself…and inspire others”. His belief is that when you grow stronger, everyone else will also become stronger.
Elliott Hulse’s YouTube channel Strength Camp continued to grow up until 1,000,000 subscribers. Following his heart, at the pinnacle of his development Elliott decided to stop producing videos.

He then went into a reflection about his early-adulthood path and noticed that there were many things he left behind “when he was on his way up the mountain of achievement”. 

For a longer time period he stopped strength training, did Yoga and went into a deep body-mind healing phase. He re-discovered his love for mediation, religion and all things related to spirit, mind, emotion, and the physical body. His reinvigoration and passion for holistic health are evident in his new YouTube video series.  
The Kingdom
In 2015 Strength Camp moved out of the warehouse gym to a bigger location which is now a world renowned gym. It started out small and has now become a global movement including two sister companies “Strength Camp Media” and “Strength Camp International”. 
In 2015 Elliott started off doing the “Grow Stronger Experience” in different locations in the US and also Europe.

His projects also include the Non-Job Revolution where he helps other people to find their passion and earn a living from it.

In 2016 Elliott released his first print book titled “KING: The Four Layer Approach To Becoming The Strongest Version Of Yourself” where he blended and integrated all of his important life teachings into one book.

Due to his investment and deep studies in the fields of Bioenergetic Grounding and Osho Active Meditations he started a project called “Grounding Camp” in 2016. There he is teaching how to let go of tension in the body and discover your true self by expressing emotional blockages.

At only 38 years of age Elliott Hulse has reached more milestones and successes than many men do in an entire lifetime. His love is to bring gifts and blessings to the world through unconditional self-love and faith-in-action.