Strike The Exact Sweet Spot That Allows You To Pack On Strong AND Aesthetic Muscle
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Yo - It’s Elliott.
The founder and owner of Strength Camp… the exclusive gym here in Florida...that’s turned into a worldwide movement with 1.2 million members on YouTube.

I’ve been coaching athletes for nearly 10 years now, and the most common frustration guys come to the gym with has always been...getting bigger, stronger, and leaner...FAST.

And the main reason why 99% of guys struggle so much with it is because of just ONE THING.
They Don't Focus on One Program At a Time
In this day and age...with technology as instant as it is, we've been conditioned to jump from one thing to the next, never completely satisfied. 

We all have some level of “training ADD”.

We go from one workout program to the next, never really committing ourselves to anything...

We're always looking for that "secret sauce" that's better than what we already have.
I get at least 20 questions per day in my Instagram inbox asking the same questions over & over...
  •  "I’ve been training for close to a year now, but I can't get past 225 on the bench (or in a lot of cases, even 135). What am I doing wrong?"

  •  "I can’t squat past 225 no matter what I do. I’ve tried Wendler 5/3/1, Starting Strength, and Westside Barbell in the past 2 months...and nothing’s worked. PLEASE HELP!"

  •  "No matter how much cardio I do, or how much I diet...I can’t see my abs. It’s not fair that guys like you get such a nice body so easily. Please tell me how to do it too!"
When I do respond to these guys so I can dig deeper, the problem always sticks out like a sore thumb...

They’re bouncing around from one program to another -- whether it be with diet, training, or some other variable.

They go from some bodybuilding template one week and don't see instant results...

So they switch to some powerlifting workout they see on Instagram because the dude in the video has a lot of followers and is jacked...

And then they decide to make their own regimen because they think they understand all the science behind growing muscle.

(Truth is -- they often don’t.)

You see...for me, gaining muscle and getting strong is “easy”.
And by that I mean: if I want to put on muscle and get stronger, I can do it on complete demand.

I don’t say this to brag...I say this because there is a way that you can gain this control too.

In fact, I work my ass off in every single workout...just as hard as the next guy...

Sure, good genes play a tiny role here...however, it’s definitely NOT the full story.
You know what else I do?
I Stick to One Program at a Time!
One program that I’ve gone back to year after year, season after season, over the past 20 years...

Is the good ol 5x5 program my Uncle Elroy started me on when I was just 14 years old.

I've experimented with different styles of training because I’ve got an open mind, and as a strength coach, it's my duty to know everything that's out there.

However, in terms of effectiveness and SPEED of results...

Nothing has ever come anywhere close to 5x5.

Over the years I have discovered MANY reasons why 5x5 works so well...
#1 You strike the exact sweet spot That allows you to pack on Strong AND aesthetic muscle.
A lot of programs focus on just one or the other, but rarely ever both.

5x5 is capable of doing this because it allows for the optimal balance of nervous system recruitment and hypertrophy (science talk for “muscle growth”).

Pure strength programs tend to be too focused on stimulating the nervous system -- the reps are too low, and the loads are too high for hypertrophy to occur.

On the flipside, pure bodybuilding programs have too much emphasis on hypertrophy...and you end up with muscles that are big and puffy, but hollow on the inside…leading you to lift pussy weights.
#2 You stimulate BOTH types of muscle growth: Myofibrilar and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.
Most programs that help you build muscle size are focused on volume and high reps...typically with isolated exercises.

You get lots of time under tension, and lots of tissue breakdown.

The thing is...with these programs, if you only work in the 8-12 rep range, you may swell up -- but you won’t maximize you hypertrophy potential.

This is because the higher rep ranges are great at stimulating sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, (an increase in the fluid volume of the muscle)...but not so great at building myofibrillar hypertrophy -- an increase in the size and number of the actual muscle cells.

In order to build muscle that is big and full looking, as well as hard, dense, and need BOTH types of stimulation...which 5x5 hits so well.
#3 You develop healthy recruitment patterns.
(VERY important for your lifting career...And getting consistently strong at an Exponential rate.)

With 5x5, the load is heavy compared to bodybuilding programs...which is great for engaging the nervous system in forming motor patterns for technique...

And at the same time, it’s light enough that form doesn’t break like with powerlifting.

At the end of the day, when you finish a 5x5 program, you end up with a strong, solid, unshakeable base of technique and strength...allowing you to grow stronger and faster than with most other programs.
I’ve tested for so many different variables, including:
  •  The exercises.
  •  Which days to do what exercises.
  •  What order the exercises should be done in.
  •  How to break through natural sticking points.
  •  And a ton more...
And since I’m all about helping you become the strongest version of yourself, I worked hard to put all of my work and experimentation into a format to share with you.

So here is...
The Advanced 5x5 Program That builds thick, strong, dense muscles FAST
I’m talking about up to 40 pounds of muscle in just 12 months. I’ve seen it happen.

(The average is probably 10 pounds..which is still remarkable for 12 months time.)

The program is my personal version of the 5x5 program...optimized after a decade of experimentation and refinement.

I think it’s THE PROGRAM for you to use, no matter what your training status is...

Even if you’re brand new.

Even if you’re seasoned.

And even if you’ve already got a personal trainer at a commercial gym.

I challenge you to drop your ego, have some dedication to ONE program, and give it a shot.
When you get the program, here’s what you’ll discover inside:
  •  The 7 crucial exercises to build a strong and muscular foundation for the rest of your lifting career. Most new and even seasoned guys think they’re “too good” for these exercises…you’re gonna smoke past them in size and strength in the next 6 months.

  •  A simple method for warming up that most newbies overlook. As a result, they end up hurting themselves in front of everyone at the letting the plates slide off the bar while benching -- an embarrassing sight you definitely wanna avoid.

  •  How to overcoming “stalling” -- a natural side effect of the Advanced 5x5 program. When most gym-goers get stuck at a certain weight, almost all of them “brute force” their way through it. But it never works. And there’s a smarter’re gonna learn the savvy way to do it so you can add more to the bar in half the time compared to most guys at the gym.

  •  How long you should rest between sets so that you’ve got enough gas for the next lift...while avoiding losing the momentum you’ve already built up in your workout.

  •  Exactly how to know when you’ve “graduated” to the Advanced 5x5 Intermediate program (which is included)...this is key, because once you’ve milked all of your beginner gains...doing more of the same WON’T work.

  •  WEEKLY PROGRESS: Adding muscle fast requires you to watch your numbers like a’re gonna get the Advanced 5x5 Strength Tracker that logs your strength gains. A silly mistake most regular guys at the gym make is thinking they can keep track of progress in their head. Stupid. You’ll know without a doubt that you’re gaining muscle as you see the numbers going higher each week.

  •  EXACTLY how to perform each exercise with clean, pristine, and professional form. You’re gonna get the identical instruction that I use to train my athletes right here at Strength Camp. SO MANY guys, even “veterans”, have awful form that cap them from becoming the strongest versions of themselves -- and worst off...ultimately lead to lifelong injury. You’re gonna have all the answers to questions like...
  •  How far apart should my feet be when squatting?
  •  What psychological cues can I use to improve my form?
  •  What should I do with my core when squatting?
  •  Where do my feet go when benching?
  •  Where does the bar go when benching?
  •  How should my neck be aligned when deadlifting?
  •  And much more...
  •  The Advanced 5x5 Intermediate Program...which has been laced with strategy, loading protocols, and volume cycling. All of these components have been carefully experimented for you to transition you smoothly from the beginner stage to intermediate. Once you go beyond the beginner stage, working smart isn’t just a luxury -- it’s an essential.

  •  How to perform “ramping” -- the Advanced 5x5 method for intermediates that slashes through plateaus that happen at the tail end of the beginner stage.

  •  The Advanced 5x5 Four Week Cycle for Advanced Lifters...when you get to this stage, volume and intensity have to be strategically planned. You can’t go balls to the wall every workout anymore like when you were a beginner...because your nervous system will lash back. The Four Week Cycle takes care of all the thinking for you, so you can keep squeezing out gains that most advanced lifters didn’t even know were possible. (Think Arnold getting bigger than Arnold at his peak.)

  •  Playing it SMART: when to push yourself beyond your limits, and when to back off just a touch. This becomes more important as you gain experience as a lifter.

  •  Special exercises specifically for Advanced Lifters...these handful of exercises aren’t a part of the beginner program because they’re not needed there. However, when you reach the Advanced stage, these bad boys will be your favorite tools for packing on “Advanced Lifter Pounds” most guys miss out on. (Have you heard of the FLRDL? It’s one of the best exercises most guys have never heard about...and it builds up your quads, glutes, abs, and back like no other.)

  •  If you DO STUFF with your muscles, you’ll love the Advanced 5x5 Program for Athletes. It’s designed to give your existing speed, power, and explosiveness quantum leaps to the next level. You’ll be bigger, stronger, and quicker than everyone else while you train both in-season and in the off-season.

  •  FOR BODYBUILDERS: how to activate the two types of hypertrophy required for muscles that are big AND functional.

  •  How to force muscle growth without doing more reps and sets (yeah, it’s possible).

  •  The Advanced 5x5 Hypertrophy dropset technique: how to do dropsets that stimulate growth of muscle fibers that are big, dense, and functional.
So How Much Does it Cost?
As I’ve mentioned in countless of my mission in life -- the reason I wake up in the morning -- is to help you become the strongest version of yourself.

This is why I’m making the the Advanced 5x5 Program ridiculously affordable.

I’m not gonna charge anything close to the regular fee it costs to work one-on-one with me for just an hour ($500+).

(I don’t say that to brag, I say it because that’s the value my athletes see me providing)

I’m not even gonna charge anywhere close to the regular $97 most online fitness programs use to “mind game” their way into sales.

For now, you can get it for just...
Inside Advanced 5X5 You Will Also Get 
Access To This Bonus Content!
Basic Macro Diet Breakdown
Exercise Video
I'm So Confident You Will Get The Results You Wan't. I'm Offering a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!
The Advanced 5x5 program is based off close to a decade of research and experimentation.

We’ve incorporated so much into it...including:

The best parts of some of the top 5x5 programs in the world (Bart Starr, Glenn Pendlay)

Close to a decade of experimentation and tweaking with my athletes.

And a ton more...

There really isn’t anything else out there that is the same as this program.

Trust the intelligence in your body.

You can feel what it’s like to trust in a system that works.

A system that’s been proven by hundreds, if not thousands after years of refinement...

You can feel what it’s like to pack on literally 10-20 pounds of lean, functional, neck-breaking muscle in the next 12 months.

You can feel what it’s like to be one of the strongest guys in your gym -- because YOU are one of the few who has the discipline to stick to just ONE program.

Thanks for reading.

Growing Stronger,