Why Are Men Becoming Weaker?
Learn the secrets society doesn’t want you to know…
So you can rise up and lead the pack...
Fellow Man,

It’s no secret, In today’s society, men are confused.

Previously, us men had been the breadwinners for our families,  The heads of the household,

Powerful leaders of the world...

But now,
Our roles are more unclear than ever.
Women are more focused on their careers,

The emphasis on our bodies is being slowly removed by introduction of new technologies and desk jobs,

We lack a sense of belonging…

And even worse…
We’ve Lost Our Sense of Identity
This loss of identity has created a culture of submissive, chaotically anxious, and cowardly, depressed men.

Men who have lost touch with their primal, masculine selves. The self that gives you that warrior-chief aggression to F*CK the world…

And makes women wanna F*CK YOU
Fellow Man,

If you want to peel away the layers of social brainwashing that have created uncertainty, anxiety, and frustration inside of you,

If you want to go back to WHO YOU ARE at your core, 

And enjoy the deeper voice, solid, but calm posture, more sexual energy, and lion-esque aura that comes with it...

Keep reading

Because I’m about to show how YOU can reclaim your masculinity, express your power, and become a tender-aggressive male in the modern world:
“The reason why the world lacks unity, and lies broken and in heaps, is, because man is disunited within himself"
That’s one of my favorite quotes from American Philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson.

And as true as it was in Emerson’s day, it holds even more true today.

In our world of instant connectivity, there’s an abundance of examples…
Men Engaging in Predatory Behaviors Behind Computer Screens…
Killing sprees headed by men who are sexually frustrated,

Men finding themselves “stuck” in relationships they don’t want, and resorting to drastic, horrifying means to escape them, 

And each day, it seems like there’s more of these events of grotesque distortions of masculine energy headlining the news.
There are two reasons for these abominable occurrences.

The first is...
We Don’t Trust Ourselves
From the time you’re young until you’re a blossoming adult, you’re told by parents, teachers, authority figures, government, and even the media, how to conduct yourself,

How to FEEL about certain topics and issues,

And how to act in certain circumstances.

This causes you to ABANDON your intuition, 

Searching for outside opinions on what to do, and how to feel, instead of trusting yourself.
This Causes Us to LOSE OUR SELF
And it causes an imbalance of the masculine energy in you - the King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover.

If you don’t know, I’ve just listed the masculine archetypes, which when balanced and integrated, make you powerful in who you are, what you do, how you feel, and what you think…

You become in charge, centered, and live a life of abundance. 
And you have a different stare, a deeper voice, and a confident demeanor.

But when these are imbalanced you start to embody SHADOWS of the four archetypes, such as:
  •   The Impotent Lover, who lives in a world of make-believe. Indulging in the fantasies of what could-be to acquire a sense of accomplishment. Always in awe of others’ accomplishments, but never accomplishes anything for himself.
  •  The Masochist, who is a passive, submissive being, bullied by others because he fails to set up boundaries in his relationships and dealings with others. They always find themselves on the ass-end of a conflict, and victimize themselves.
  •  The Denying One, who wears a mask of mastery, but behind it lies an insecure, incompetent, envious man. These are the keyboard warriors who berate action-takers on social media.
  •  The Weakling, who complains, and disempowers himself. He takes forever to make decisions, and when he finally decides, he can’t commit. He is a sinking victim in the river of life.
These Shadows Damage Your Daily Life
Creating socially awkward interactions with others,

Making you choose masturbation over asking a girl on a date, 

Giving you couch potato syndrome, making you unable to focus on RIGHT ACTION towards your life’s purpose,

And causing submissive behavior, making you disrespected, stepped on, and avoided by “high-status” people…

Truth is... 

It’s all unconscious, and until you become aware of your weaknesses,

And learn to live in the fullness of the masculine archetypes,

You’ll be a helpless victim of the unconscious control of the shadow masculine archetypes

Onto reason number two...
We’ve Rejected Our Bodies
In this day of video games, 

Office life, 

And the 720 BILLION dollar entertainment industry...

We’ve converted to visual, and auditory, stimulation INSTEAD of physical stimulation!
We aren’t treating our bodies as the temples they truly are!
  •  America is the biggest consumer of weight loss products, but lead the world in obesity
  •  1 in 4 die from heart disease, a disease caused by lack of activity
  •  94% of Americans fail to move for even 30 minutes a DAY!
Even worse...

We’ve categorized SEX as taboo, even though that’s what we’re put on earth to engage in,

You’re told by authority figures to sit down and shut up, suppressing the youthful, energetic, spontaneous movement that your body longs for,
And the worst, 

Parents respond with mad-frantic action when they find their children exploring their sexual parts… Creating shame in the heart of the confused child.

Because of this shame and rejection placed on the body, our society suffers.

We can’t FEEL anymore, meaning we have no healthy release for the muscular and emotional tension the body stores…

Inevitably, this tension is released in perverted ways...

Creating all the chaotic events that flood news headlines, just like the ones I spoke of above.
How Do We Reunite Ourselves?
There’s a three step approach for reuniting the divided parts of ourselves…

The first step is through the mind.

You must peek into dark corners for parts of yourself in the shadows.

Look for things that, maybe, people told you not to look at when you were younger. ...
Or, parts of yourself that you’ve abandoned for fear of embarrassment, shame, or guilt

This is easily the most difficult part of the process.

We may be confronted with parts of ourselves that are ugly, that we don’t like, or attributes that don’t fit into the societal narrative of what is good.

You must relieve your tension.

Both physical and emotional, as these create energetic blocks leading to unconscious psychological tendencies towards certain behaviors.

Some that may not sit well with you.

And third,

We must reintegrate.

Reintegrate the shadows we explored,

Reintegrate our natural, physical being,

And most importantly,

Reintegrate the mind and the body.
Where Can You Learn to Do This?
A few months ago, I changed my beloved Grounding Camp into Grounding Man, as I’d seen the struggles that men were dealing with.

I discovered that our struggles aren’t with the body or mind alone, but both.

And I wanted to create an experience that would help men mold both of them.

That was Grounding Man.
During, I recorded the ENTIRE EVENT, so those who couldn’t come, or couldn’t afford it, would have the opportunity to experience it from afar, IF they were a dedicated student looking for a solution to their masculine struggles.

The Grounding Man Video Course!
19 Pieces of Insight You’ll Find in The Grounding Man Video Course
  •  Ideas that are so “dangerous” that they got an esteemed doctor barred from his studies, and virtually ERASED from history
  •  Discover the roots of toxic masculinity, and how just a simple alteration of the mind can turn toxic masculinity into the attractive, tender-aggressive masculinity
  •  Why the idea of MGTOW is bullshit
  •  How getting injured is an opportunity, and how to make the most of it
  •  A practical method to finding your grounded, center to access higher thought, without getting anxious
  •  The four corners of masculinity, how they interact, and how, when healthily integrated, they give you a confident demeanor, deeper voice,
  • and chill, inviting aura
  •  What’s responsible for blocking our guidance from above, intuition, and connection with the spiritual world
  •  Practical tips for tranquilizing your overactive mind
  •  The childhood trauma that makes women avoid you like the plague (and the steps you can take to repair it)
  •  How your early childhood wounds affect your physiology AS WELL AS your psychology
  •  The actual reason you come up with brilliant ideas, but can never make them come to fruition, despite your best efforts (and how you can address this problem)
  •  Root causes of feelings of powerlessness, depression, and being unsure of your emotions
  •  Controversial psychologist's 5 character structures, and how they unconsciously impact every decision and action you take
  •  Which traumas create each character structure, so you can take steps to address them
  •  Strange reason why some people can’t enjoy sex and resort to kinky fetishes to feel it
  •  Breathing and movement serves as medicine for the wounded man. Learn how to do it specific in a way to your shadows
  •  What causes men to be friend-zoned
  •  Let go of techniques, books, and ideas. How to let your spontaneity take over for you so everything unfolds perfectly
  •  It’s not a matter of getting the calculation right, it’s getting the inspiration right and proving it out with the calculations. How to pull from a pit of endless inspiration, even in your sleep.
And a bunch more…

It’s important to reiterate that only around 100 men have actually experienced Grounding Man,

But ALL of them are using the experience to bring light to themselves


The world…
How Much is Grounding Man?
The usual early bird (lowest pricing) of Grounding Man is $1697.

Seeing as this IS the Grounding Man event, I could charge that amount…

But I won’t

Because, ever since I started YouTube, I’ve been helping men with their struggles, helping them reunite themselves,

And I believe this may be the missing piece men are missing.

I want it in as many hands as possible..

So, I set it at 1/3rd of the price - $497
Video 1 - To Be a Man
 What does it mean to be man? What makes us masculine? Here, you’ll learn the forces responsible for making us man, and how to embody the masculine, so you can gradually begin to reclaim your power.
Video 2 - Symbolic Man
There have been symbols surrounding us for years that are masculine in nature. Some that may be integral to your lifestyle. In this part of the course, we’ll discuss these masculine symbols, and how they practically play into your life.
Video 3 - The 4 Corners
King, Warrior, Magician, Lover. The balance (or lack of) of these archetypes has been unconsciously impacting our decisions, actions, and thoughts for years. Here, you’ll learn the nature of each, the shadow versions, and how reintegrating can allow you to live in the fullness of each one of them.
Video 4 - The 4 Corners Q&A
Here, I’ll answer common questions about the archetypes, and how they play into your life.
Video 5 - Wound as a Womb
Suffering is a part of life. We will all be wounded, traumatized or deformed in life mentally or physically. But we can’t allow ourselves to be victims! Acknowledging and celebrating our flaws, injuries and mistakes is the only way to gain the wisdom and strength to transcend them.
Video 6 - Character Structure Analysis
Many great masters and traditions have pointed towards the truths I share at Grounding Man. I show how the work of Sigmund Freud, and his notorious disciples Wilhelm Reich and Carl Jung can give us an outline of the various ways we physically adapt to the psychological trauma of our childhoods and even of previous generations.
Video 7 - Oral
Early psychological trauma causes one to embody the Oral Character Structure. In this video, we’ll go over the origin of the Oral, how it looks when it’s embodied, and how it plays out in society.
Video 8 - Phallic Narcissist
Another Character Structure is the Phallic Narcissist. In this video, we’ll go over how this structure comes to be, how it relates to one of the masculine archetypes, and the coping behaviors one with this Character Structures will display.
Video 9 - Psychopath/Masochist
These foul sounding Character Structures are no better or worse than the others. In this video, you’ll find out why, how these structures come to be, and what benefits and hindrances one with this Character Structure will experience.
Video 10 - Breathing & Movement As Medicine
Step one in taking our power back is awareness. Step two is re-inhabiting the body. Here, you'll learn some powerful methods of doing so.
Video 11 - Mastering Manifestation
There’s something Viktor Frankl, Kanye West and I all have in common – we use self-talk to reframe our fears into freedoms. As we clear away our repressed feelings we begin to feel inspired about hopes, dreams and creations we wish to manifest. For years the practice of affirmations has been used to help people accomplish goals, but the practice often doesn’t bring about the results it claims. In this video I share how realigning affirmations with natural law and our bodies can empower us to manifest our best creations.
Quick Warning
Above, I spoke of the “danger” of some of these teachings.

Most of these teachings go against what society wants you to know,

And the doctor responsible for some of these teachings was met with outrage,

Had his books burned,

And he was nearly erased from history.

With that being said, if you’re not open to receive the messages that have changed my, and 100s of other men’s lives, don’t purchase this product. 

I want this information to go to use…

Not sit on a dusty old hard drive in someone’s cold, damp basement.

You’ve Got Two Choices

We’re at a crossroads.

You can either fall to the societal pressures,

Become submissive slaves,

And walk around in shackles as you watch our world crumble away like a house made of sand.


YOU can rise up,

Pull the wool off your eyes,

Embody your King, Warrior, Magician Lover, and be treated as such.

YOU can develop a powerful aura,

Get BACK into your Bodies

Then, you can bring this light to the world.

Choice is yours...

Submissive slave, or enlightened man?