Elliott's BRAND NEW At Home Training System


ONLY $27

  • Fast, effective, and challenging workouts for the Training Warrior who has very little or no equipment available to them
  • Advanced training techniques to develop type III super muscle fibers (and why most people never tap into them)
  • Why some guys gain muscle easier than others and what you can do to even the odds
  • How to build bigger, stronger, more powerful, and higher stamina muscles by reconfiguring the fiber composition of your muscles and increasing the mitochondrial density in just 25-40 minutes!
  •  Why splitting up your cardio and weight training leads to a disappointing physique
  • ​A trove of highly athletic-based movements and will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and coming back for more
  • ​Access to an extensive exercise database to ensure you’re extracting the FULL benefit of every movement
  • ​And a bunch more...
  • Learn The Three Mental Reprogramming Rituals I used to claw my way out of 90k worth of debt and build a million dollar business... all while raising my family of six. (NOTHING will stand in your way when you've reprogrammed your mind for victory)
  • How to "brainwash" yourself to victory. Most people let the world (media, friends and family) brainwash them with negative thoughts that unconsciously hold you back. TAKE BACK your power and re-wire your mind for victory. 
  • Meditation is NOT as mystical as it sounds. Discover a fun and simple meditation exercise that will clear your mind of stinkin' thinkin' and mental trash... in just 10 mins a day. 
  •  Visualize and anchor your mission deep into your nervous system, like a software upgrade. When you follow my simple "mind matra" instructions... you'll taste, feel and SEE victory as clear as day! 
  •  And much, much more...
  • Steps to become THE Problem Solving Expert that your tribe knows, likes and trusts. Be the one people rush to when they need a product that offers the solution to their biggest problems. 
  • 4 Steps To Social Media Storytelling that will INSTANTLY connect you with your market, and lead them to take action... without you telling them what to do.
  • How to create and sell information products that your tribe will love -- and puts money in your back account while you sleep.
  •  Build good will and influence with your customers to keep them ENGAGED and EAGER to purchase your BIG-TICKET OFFERS.
  •  And much, much more...
  • How to build a NonJob you love, that brings in $4,000+ each and every month (that’s $50,000 per year!) and gives you the freedom to quit your day job if you wish.
  • How to get on "The Inspired Path" when you're not sure what your passion is. Most people never discover their passion in life because they've never been shown this path to fulfillment. 
  • The 3 rituals I used to drag myself out of $90,000 of credit card debt and recondition my mind for absolute financial abundance. These rituals are easy to do, only take a few minutes each day and will reprogram your subconscious mind for ultimate success and fulfillment.
  •  How to build your NonJob on the side - you don’t have to quit your job to build a NonJob. You can do it on the side for just a few hours per week.
  •  And much, much more...