NOVEMBER CONTEST 1ST PLACE $1000 Winner - Joshua D'Souza
My 12 week experience with Lean Hybrid Muscle was revolutionary and life changing. I saw HUGE changes in my abdominal region. The rest of my body became well-defined and vascular, ESPECIALLY my arms. I am down to 8% Body Fat!

My FAVORITE part about the Lean Hybrid Muscle system was the mixture of HEAVY strength movements and higher rep muscle-building movements. It felt like every time I set foot in the gym I was getting results.

My transformation was incredible, and others noticed immediately. I now have a lot more confidence than before and it carries through into all I do. I’d recommend this to ANYONE trying to make a big change.

Thank You Elliott...
To 10% Body Fat In 90 Days!
All my life I've loved lifting weights, but Lean Hybrid Muscle brought an element of athleticism to the sport I already love.
LHM is an easy recommendation to anyone who wants to perform better, and look more athletic than they ever have.
NOVEMBER CONTEST 3RD PLACE $500 Winner - Brian Soing
Lean Muscle & Confidence In 90 Days
In 90 Days, I packed on 18 lbs of solid muscle, gained TONS of strength, and have NEVER felt more confident in myself.
Gained 14 lbs Of Muscle
I gained 14 lbs over the course of just 90 Days, something I thought was IMPOSSIBLE, especially after never training before. Even better, at 32 years old I feel more powerful and fit than I have ever been in my life. I’m riding this strength training bus until the wheels fall off… then I’ll just deadlift the bus!
SUCCESS STORY - Marjean Chacon
My Stomach Is Flatter...
After three children, I really wanted to be my best. When I found LHM I KNEW it was for me. In a short time, I feel my body getting stronger and I LOVE IT. My stomach is flatter, my arms and shoulders feel dense and strong. I feel more flexible and stand with better posture. Everything is changing! This experience has been a gift!
Dropped 24lbs Of Fat
To say I’ve gained confidence is an understatement. I have more energy, and I don’t run out of breath walking between classes anymore.
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My Dreams Are Resurrected
After 60 days of LHM I could see my abs, I have tried multiple programs and nothing comes close to Lean Hybrid Muscle.
Lost 40LBS Of Fat
I'm leaner and more muscular than ever.
43 LBS Gone & More To Go
Lean Hybrid Muscle should be called Lean Hybrid Fat Melter!
Packed On 8 Pounds Of Solid Muscle
Thank you for this amazing program Elliott.


The Lean Hybrid Muscle Training Manual 
($69 If Purchased Separately at Strength Camp)
This is the Master Manual that explains the Lean Hybrid Muscle in its entirety, packed with scientific theory, killer workouts, and more.
Here's just a taste of what you're gonna discover:
  •  GIRLS SNICKER… when they see most powerlifters at the gym. You'll want to avoid the biggest downfall of strength training.
  •  Why look like shit half the time? Instead discover the best alternative to cutting and bulking that actually lets you burn fat and build muscle at the same time, so your body stays beach ready year-round.
  •  How to activate the "Type 3" muscle fiber most workouts never trigger, stimulating muscle growth AND fat burning at the same time. Get ready to finally stare back in the mirror at a chiseled physique.
  •  How to build a body that women want to fuck and gets respect in the gym. You'll be training like ancient gladiators who pushed beyond their genetics limits to build muscle that's aesthetic and useful for survival.
  •  There's a simple key to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. It's called "hormone trafficking".
  •  Ever hit a plateau where muscle growth stalls? It ALWAYS happens because our bodies are programmed to adapt. I've included specially engineered training plans that lead to constant progress so you'll avoid sweating out useless reps in the gym that aren't helping you.
  •  Perform "Reloaded workouts" that activate THE FOUR biological systems of the body required to build a muscular, lean physique. 99% of workouts focus on just one system at a time, which is why most guys get slow results.
  •  Don't get HUMILIATED like most guys who have LAGGING MUSCLES. Use my "Muscle Specialization" workouts to help force these stubborn muscles to grow.
  •  Training SMART is the name of the game...I've carefully scheduled "Deload HIIT" workouts that spike your fat burning hormones while allowing you to recover from heavy weight training. You'll be shedding away fatty soft spots WITHOUT taxing your nervous system the way most personal trainers do it.
  •  You're gonna learn 18 quick stretching routines that warm you up before workouts and save you from getting injured. Getting hurt is the #1 reason guys quit working out for good and end up becoming fat depressed souls for the rest of their lives.
  •  Almost NOBODY uses "corrective stretching"... you'll know how to sense which areas of the body are crying for attention and master the 14 corrective stretches I teach to keep your joints and ligaments healthy so your body can keep up with you in the gym.
  •  CRUSH BARRIERS: How to easily create your own custom Hybrid programs to avoid training plateaus that bog down results when using the same routine for too long. I had to include this to give the finger to the money-hungry fitness magazines who promote the bullshit "one size fits all" workout templates that are only effective for juice monkeys.
  •  I guarantee you'll be looking better in the gym every single week without burning out like most guys… The Lean Hybrid Muscle System utilizes "Concurrent Periodization" which saves you from counter-productive overtraining most guys run into.
  •  Discover new Hybrid Exercises that blow away regular moves. I show you 14 of these epic exercises that will beef you up and lean you out TONIGHT.
The Lean Hybrid Muscle Training Logs 
($29) If Purchased Separately at Strength Camp)
Print these bad boys out and bring them with you to the gym.
In the Lean Hybrid Training Logs, you'll find:
  •  Demonstrations and tutorials of ALL exercises so you save years of fuckery. You'll be doing every set and rep confidently with the most effective form, unlike the majority of guys who are getting injured with atrocious technique.
  •  All the "dirty work" has been taken care of for you...sets, reps, and rest intervals are all laid out. I've refined EVERYTHING with my athletes and clients over the years. With every workout, you'll be on the fast track to a solid athletic body that commands respect.
  •  Lagging body parts aren't just ugly...they're dangerous. The training log includes specifically scheduled Specialization Days with unique exercises that bring up weak muscles and correct muscular imbalances.
  •  I personally recorded a walkthrough video teaching you EXACTLY how to use the training logs. All you have to do is watch, workout, and walk away a brand new man. I've removed every ounce of overwhelm and confusion to make it easy as pie for you.
The Hybrid Diet Nutrition Manual
($47) If Purchased Separately at Strength Camp)
One of my earliest training mentors told me "Diet is King, Training is Queen".
You can never "out-train a bad diet". This is TRUTH.
So for you, I've put together THE ULTIMATE NUTRITION GUIDE.
Here's some of the killer tricks and shortcuts you're gonna learn:
  •  How to manipulate protein, carbs and fat to work for you instead of against you, the way most diets do. 95% of diets fail because guys don't know what they're doing when it comes to cycling macronutrients.
  •  Fat loss plateaus keep most guys above 10% body fat...and nobody knows what to do when they hit them. Discover how to use the "Perfect Storm" to blast through these painful plateaus.
  •  NO THINKING REQUIRED: I lay out multiple 7 day schedules of eating for you that save you the hassle of preparing and planning.
  •  The simple dieting trick I use to increase the release of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which is scientifically proven to help you pack on muscle without much fat.
  •  CARBS are all the hype these days but they're never explained in enough detail. Learn about the different types of carbs and how to choose the ones that will support you in packing on muscle and keeping your hunger satisfied.
  •  Spending a shitload of money on supplements? Fat burners, protein powders, and pre-workouts? I show you how to get the BEST RESULTS when using them, and even tell you which ones to use. Without hearing this advice, you're LITERALLY flushing money down the toilet.
The Hybrid Diet Meal Plans
($27) If Purchased Separately at Strength Camp)

To make things easy, simple, and effective for you, I've put together EIGHT different DONE-FOR-YOU Hybrid Diet Meal Plans that you can choose depending on your metabolism (I show you how in the Nutrition Manual).

You'll know EXACTLY what macros to hit (protein, carbs, fat), what foods to eat, and how much of each for 7 days straight so you don't have to "hope" that you'll get results.

DON'T WORRY! I know we'd all go crazy eating the same foods everyday for weeks on end, so I also included fifteen exclusive Exchange Lists that allow you to easily swap in foods that you like to keep yourself sane to avoid getting bored of the same foods everyday.

The Hybrid Diet is unlike anything else you've ever seen or tried and will morph your body into the warrior-like physique you've never had before.
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 WAY LESS than what all my business partners have told me. On average, most of them say I should be charging AT LEAST $500 for the program alone without bonuses.
WAY LESS than most of the other “systems” out there. These programs are often based on fake science and have never been tested on REAL people.
WAY LESS than getting one-on-one coaching from me if I even had the time to nowadays. Just to give you some perspective, the going rate for an hour of time with me on the phone is now up to over $500 per hour.
WAY LESS than trying to figure out how to get the alpha, dominating, and powerful physique you want through trial and error. You COULD try to do it on your own, but I guarantee you’ll waste months (if not YEARS) in the gym slamming into training plateaus and pissing away money on food and supplements. To see what I mean, just look around at your gym and notice how many “skinny fat” dudes there are who look the EXACT same year after year even though they’re in the gym everyday.
Secret Call With My Uncle Elroy
The Guy Who Got Me Into Training! ($47) If Purchased Separately at Strength Camp
I’ve mentioned my uncle who introduced fitness to my life a few times on YouTube, but I’ve never revealed the confidential stuff he’s only taught to my brothers and I.

Uncle Elroy’s been in the gym for over 30 years and is in premium condition despite being in his 50s. To this day he remains a very well respected athlete and trainer.

But here’s the best thing about him: he started off as a wimpy and weak teenager who was sick of running away from bullies.
We got on a private call, and revealed:
  •  If you’ve ever lost weight, you’ve also lost strength. We talk about how to gain strength while losing fat so you don’t “shrink” while leaning out.
  •  How to manipulate carbohydrates to always be strong AND shredded. Uncle Elroy’s perfected his technique with 30+ years of testing and experience..
  •  Training and eating right make up ⅔ of the complete ingredients to get a supreme physique. Find out the ⅓ that almost NO ONE knows about.

Lean Hybrid Muscle Training Manual


Lean Hybrid Muscle Training Logs


Lean Hybrid Muscle Nutrition Manual


Lean Hybrid Muscle Meal Plans



I’m giving you the map. It’s time for you to take the action.

Thanks for reading.

Grow stronger,
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