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Strong, Lean, and Mobile
Are you tired of walking around feeling like a walking ball of scar tissue?

Do you want to take some time to loosen up your tight, tonic muscles while also building lean STRONG muscle?

If so, keep reading…
My name is Elliott Hulse…
I am a former professional Strongman, powerlifter, and D1 college football MVP.
I'm also at the helm of two YouTube channels, which together, have amassed a following of over 2.5 million subscribers…

And just a few years ago,
I Did Something that took EVERYONE by Surprise
I stopped posting to YouTube…

Quit lifting,

And stopped coaching clients.

Here’s why:
You know what that is?

It’s the sound my biceps made when I was pulling tree roots out of my father’s garden.

When I grabbed that thick root with my fierce, rugged, 320 lb farmer’s carrying hands, I never imagined it would be the cause of a devastating, career-destroying, injury.

Sure enough,

I heard those cringe-inducing pops, and looked down at my arm in shock, to see my bicep balled up toward the top of my shoulder.
And I cried
Not because of the pain…

I cried because it signaled the end of Strongman Competition Elliott.

I had to kill the strongman competitor inside of me.

I felt like a cowboy who had to shoot his horse because it broke its leg.
But, the injuries didn’t end there...

Few years later, I suffered another lingering injury in a freak trampoline accident,

Then I had a hernia repaired,

Then I tore my other biceps,

Then my achilles.

And for a while...
I Was Hobbling Around Like a Modern Day Pirate
The bitter truth is,

No amount of corrective exercise could have prevented these acute injuries

I knew ins and outs of corrective exercise before these injuries came about.

Just as you probably do, I was foam rolling, stretching, and mobilizing my body.

But that couldn’t stop this plague of injuries…

Eventually, with the culmination of all of these injuries…
They Forced Me To Stop Lifting
And in turn, hang up YouTube Elliott as well,

As I didn’t feel I was much use to the fitness world with all of these injuries.

So now, these lingering injuries not only ruined my Strongman, 

But also, caused my career to screech to a dead stop.

It was a cold time…

I was confused,

I had to remove myself from the world, and did a lot of self-reflection.
It Was Time to Find Something New
The ideas of calisthenics and gymnastics crossed my mind, but there were some aspects of it that I didn’t vibe with.

Then, somebody mentioned yoga...

“I can’t do yoga”

I’m a strong man, I’m too far past the point of flexibility, I’m built to lift heavy shit, not do down dogs and warrior 3s in crotch-suffocating pants.

But then,
I Came Across a Man With a Painted Face in Briefs Doing Headstands…
It was BKS Iyengar (weird name, I know),

And in this video, this yoga master presented yoga in a way that absolutely blew me away.

He was presenting his intricate yoga moves in only his briefs, in the presence of a crowd of men in business suits, fluid as a river. And not only was he performing poses that showcased his suppleness, flexibility, and balance, but also his strength.

This would pique anybodies interest.
Soon, I began looking more into him, and his teachings,

And it proved to be the nail in the coffin, as I soon came across a video that spoke of the integration between yoga, the breath, and the mind.

Mainly how yoga can not only make you more mobile, and structurally sound, but also how it can help you breathe deeper, become more grounded, and keep you relaxed, even in the most tense times.

Something all of us could use...

But that wasn’t it...
I Did 90% Yoga for Almost 3 Years!
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And I received some incredible benefits! 

I experienced:
  • More Mobility
  • Better Awareness of My Body in Space
  • Less Muscle Soreness
  •  Deeper breathing
  •  More calm under times of stress
And most importantly…

My muscle imbalances began to resolve themselves, my injuries were dissipating, and I felt fresh and crisp as a new hundred dollar bill. 

I noticed a steep decline in some essential areas...

My weight was the lowest it had been since I was 17,

I became WEAK,

Power plummeted,

My strength was shot,
I transitioned from Division I football player, and fiery strongman into a flexible hippie living in the clouds…

And even worse...
My Alpha Aggression was GONE
The part that made me man.

I became a beta.

And once I realized this…

Just as you would...

I rushed back to the iron.

Things Got Worse…
I wasn’t the same person anymore.

And my body couldn’t handle weights the same way…
  • I was too unstable for heavy loads, or even explosive, powerful movements
  • My body burnt out quickly
  • Muscle imbalances resurfaced
  •  Joint pain returned
  •  Posture quickly deteriorated
And the vexes that I had tried to escape from when I turned to yoga came creeping up on me, once I started lifting again.
How I Finally Combined Lifting and Yoga
Two things that were very important to me,

Two things that everyone in the world has seen benefits from...

And, I HAD to make them work together.

I wanted to manipulate strength training parameters in combination with carefully selected yoga flows.

So that the user would indefinitely maintain their strength, power, and size, while simultaneously work the scar tissue, lube up the joints, and create better posture.

And most importantly,

Do it WITHOUT overtraining.
I didn’t have to lift so heavy that my muscle imbalances would resurface.

But, it was more than enough lifting to maintain my gains.

And the yoga flows were challenging, and worked out the knots of fascia,

But not so much that it interfered with my lifting.
I Successfully Created a Method to Creating an Unlocked, Mobilized, Fluid Body that’s STILL Strong and Powerful
How did I achieve this balance?

Through the careful manipulation of tempos, rep ranges, and volume to simultaneously tap into power, strength, and hypertrophy systems, 


By picking yoga flows that complimented the strength movements I chose.

And my body was feeling better than it ever had.
The hybrid effects of combining yoga and strength training were felt immediately, and the two even crossed over into each other - 

The strength training supporting my ability to flow, but surprisingly also, the yoga supporting my strength training ability.

Since seeing these benefits….
I’ve decided to share it with the world,

Not as a workout, but as a challenge…
An even sampling of all the yoga flows you'll experience in Lean Hybrid Yoga. Be ready to sweat, strengthen, and test your composure, as this flow calls for strength, sturdiness, endurance, and strong will.
Sweat, breathe, and burn fat. That's what this yoga flow is designed to do. In this fast-paced flow, you'll see just how well you can endure the quicker moments of life while maintaining your breathing.
In this strengthening yoga flow, you'll work to build strength in your shoulders, arms, upper back, and legs while performing poses that push your body to its physical limit. Think you can handle it?
From time to time, it's necessary to thank your body. This yoga practice does just that. In Yin Yoga, you'll experience a number of deep stretches held for extended periods of time to loosen up the connective tissue that keeps you stiff and rigid.
When we face imbalance in our lives, we must come back to the body. In this yoga practice, that's what you'll do - build stability, sturdiness, and balance in hopes that you can learn to build a stable, balanced foundation outside of your yoga practices as well.
In our world of hunching, sitting, phone-gazing, and couch-culture, we've closed our hearts and sealed ourselves away from each other. In this yoga flow, you'll attempt to reverse those effects by unlocking the chest and shoulder muscles and open your hearts to the world. 
Most people are cut off from the lower half of their body. Most can't feel their feet. In this yoga practice, you'll shift your energy away from your head, and down towards your waist, legs, and feet to feel more grounded, confident, and purposeful in your action.
Believe it or not, the way to maintain your strength, power, and muscle while building a new foundation is NOT lifting heavy.

Inside this manual, you'll find out what you should be doing in the weight room, complete with a 3-Month weight training plan designed to help you reboot your body,  and the 3 training methods you'll use to maintain muscle, strength, and power.
Here, I'll take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to perform each of weight training strategies I've programmed in Lean Hybrid Yoga. It's imperative that you watch this, else you miss out on gains.
This calendar will keep you on track throughout your 100 Day Yoga program. Here's where you'll find what yoga practice, or lifting program, you'll be following for the day. As you cross out each day, you'll get a growing sense of accomplishment, as you're closer to your goal.
What Makes Lean Hybrid Yoga Unique?
Aside from balancing yoga and lifting like no program has before,

Lean Hybrid Yoga offers you an opportunity to reset your anatomy, but without starting from scratch.

Most guys who get excessively tight, achy, and injured often quit lifting to focus on healing their body


They ignore their screaming body, hoping things will get better on their own.

Lean Hybrid Yoga gives you the opportunity to finally remove the tightness, aches, and potential injuries without worrying about losing the strength, power, and mounds of muscle you’ve accrued over years of hard work.

Essentially, giving you a NEW foundation to build off of.

A foundation that is free from the bonds of pain,

Muscle imbalance 

And postural distortions.

Allowing you to lift in a healthier way, and a way that will lead to more gains.

That’s the point of the 100 Day Challenge.
Are You Up for a Challenge?
Men are built to conquer challenges,

And the 100 Day Lean Hybrid Yoga Challenge might be one of the most physically and mentally stimulating challenges I’ve seen in a while…

I enjoy the challenge of always growing stronger

So naturally, I picked out the most physically challenging, hour-long yoga routines to present to you,


The strength programming is equally challenging physically, but even more so mentally, because of the mixture of low reps with slower tempos, and high reps that force you to lift through the pain.
You think you can keep that up for 100 days?
You think you can let go of the ego and commit to yoga and strength training every single day?
If so,

Click the button below to be challenged like never before.
Who Shouldn’t Purchase Lean Hybrid Yoga?
Lean Hybrid Yoga is designed to create a new structural foundation that you can build upon.

And although we’ll be stimulating our power, strength, and muscular systems, this kind of training is not optimal for gaining in these areas.

Yes, you can still make some gains in these areas, but...

If you’re looking to gain massive amounts of strength and size, you’ll have better luck with another program.

Even more:

If you’re someone who doesn’t think they can follow the 100 Day Yoga Challenge,

If you’re a man who doesn’t see the value in building discipline, and doing something that’s important to you every day,

No need to buy this.

I don’t want you to waste your money.


If you’re someone looking to build focus and discipline, someone who’s an accomplisher of goals, who makes things happen, this is for you.

And when you complete this 100 Day Lean Hybrid Yoga Challenge, you’ll experience the unlocking of your true self and healing your body,

You’ll have your strength and size, without compromising your mobility,

And you’ll have the satisfaction of conquering a challenge most men don’t have the balls to take on.

Tough men: Apply below
Heads Up
Considering this is the first week I’m opening the gates to Lean Hybrid Yoga, I’ve made it available for a low price for you.


This won’t last forever.

There’s a little clock on this page that shows you an accurate time before the price of this program goes back up to normal price.

Time is of the essence.

If you want it, now is the best time, as it may not be available for a lower price…

You may think that a lifter like yourself isn’t capable of doing yoga…

Imagine for a second…

You’ve had two torn biceps, and a torn achilles… They’ve recovered, but now they’re filled with stiff fascia and scar tissue.

And it’s painful during my day to day activity,

Let alone stretching…

That’s where I was before I started yoga.

Which shows…

It doesn’t matter how stiff you are, how many injuries you’ve suffered, yoga is available to you, because it’s customized to YOU.

If you’ve got a ton of stiff, stubborn connective tissue, you have the option of regressing each pose. If you’re a former ballet dancer who can put their legs behind their head, you have the option of more advanced poses.

It’s all about YOUR EDGE.

We’re not yogi’s.

We’re hybrid athletes, and we set our own standards for what we’re able to do.

What will you do?