Learn the exact process I used to reveal my true purpose in life, take massive action and achieve all of my goals


If you’re like me, this has happened to you:

You have a less than productive day, 

and you begin mentally preparing yourself for a more productive tomorrow…

You’re going to attack the day with ferocity.

You’re going to get a mountain of sh*t done.

TOMORROW will be the DAY you begin BUILDING YOUR EMPIRE...

But then… Tomorrow comes...

You either don’t feel like doing the work… 

Or worse…

You get some of it done, then find yourself in an Instagram-scrolling trance, or hypnotized by two people bumping uglies, or you come back to reality and realize you have a controller in your hand.

How many times has this happened to you?

It happens to a lot of men.

I used to succumb to procrastination pitfalls too…

And I used to think it was because I wasn’t disciplined, that I lacked focus, or that I used up all my willpower for the day...

But I Was Wrong.

Once I realized that discipline and willpower don’t matter,

I found myself in a frenzy of productivity without the need to discipline myself,

Without turning on high frequency music to maintain focus…

And totally side-stepping the need for wIlLpOwEr…

You can too…

And I’m going to show you how:

Optimize Your Free Time to Build a Richer Future NOW

This is a little bit funny,

A little bit embarrassing,

But very helpful to men looking to get more done…

See, over my 10+ years mentoring millions of men on YouTube, I’ve made quite a few videos on discipline and productivity…
But, it wasn’t too long ago that I found myself falling prey to luxuries, vices, and comforts that led me to a complete mental standstill...

I was starting a LOT of projects, but almost NEVER finishing them.

And I never could have imagined that as full of abundance as my life was…

I felt purposeless, directionless, and a little depressed.


That’s the title of one of my most popular videos.

It was inspired by a question from a young man who started a new job, and said...

He lacked the motivation to keep training hard.

And it was about drawing up motivation from the inside.
The words I shared with him resonated with hundreds of thousands of men. Some men even commented and said this video changed their life.

But, looking back, I realize I left out ONE major detail…


It was 2017, 

And from the outside looking in, I had it all…

A YouTube fanbase of over 2 million…

A loving family with whom I loved spending time with…

My own gym where I could slam the weights, scream, and lift barefoot…

I was making money in my sleep.

This seems like a man’s dream…

And from the outside, it’d seem like I was one of the lucky few who actually discovered his mission, purpose, and vocation. Something most men struggle with. Something most men NEVER discover.

But, that was far from the truth because I WAS ROTTING ON THE INSIDE
  • YouTube videos, which usually came easy to me, were becoming harder and harder to make.
  • I was less social and energized than I was before.
  • My thinking became foggy.
  • ​I withdrew from those I loved.
  • ​I fell prey to my beta addictions, which bogged down my zest for life and my ability to ATTACK my goals even MORE
And worst of all...

My Discipline Took a Nosedive

For a couple of years I fell into a vicious cycle…

A cycle in which I’d receive a spark of divine inspiration,

Take action on that spark,

But never follow through all the way.

I couldn’t complete anything..

And worse...

I looked to my beta addictions to cope with my lack of productivity, my feelings of not doing enough, and the overwhelming feeling of incompleteness I had.

This vicious cycle continued until..

I Was Forced To Look At My Ugly Reflection in the Mirror

Around my 40th birthday, I began looking into the teachings of Christ.

These teachings held a mirror up to me…

They gave me a REAL, UNFILTERED, and RAW look at the choices I made over the last couple of years…

And more importantly…

The Person I Was BEING.

I didn’t realize how much I was giving in to my beta demons

And how out of touch I was with myself.

We're Living In a World Teeming With Men Plagued By Their Beta Demons

The amount of beta demons in the world are many and widespread.

Some tempt you to watch porn,

Others tempt you to curl up on the couch with a PlayStation controller in your hand..

But there are far worse beta demons.

In particular, one demon that will lock you in a follower’s mindset.
  • It will keep you chained to mediocrity.
  • It will make you reliant on inspiration and motivation to take action
  • It will have you leaning on discipline, willpower, and focus to get things done
And, worst of all… This beta demon will have you look at what other men say, do, and achieve, to trick you into chasing their goals.

These are Hand-Me-Down goals.

They’re used up, broken, battered, and smelly like those pinnies from gym class.

And men accept these goals with open arms because they seem accomplishable. They look around and see other men achieving these goals, so they try to do the same…

But they quickly hit a wall.

They’re easily distracted.

They lack mOtIvAtIoN.

They start procrastinating.

And eventually, nothing gets done.

This is Why Men Who Are Capable of So Much Achieve So Little

And when I realized this, I knew I had some work to do.

INNER work.

I had to bypass all of the superficial layers of who I thought Elliott Hulse was and get right to the meat and potatoes of who I am at my core… 

And more importantly,
I needed to tune into the yearnings of my soul.

For so long, I thought my purpose was to give fitness advice to men,

Or that I was supposed to entertain them on YouTube,

Or that I was supposed to lead men to dynamic meditation,

I was ignoring the signs that my soul wasn’t fulfilled.

Really, my soul was yearning for me to…

Make Men Strong Again

And since digging past the superficial layers of myself…

Since opening my ears to my soul I’ve:
You can too...
  • Become more productive
  • Effortlessly created more content than ever before
  • Made more MONEY than ever before
  • ​Become LESS apologetic in who I am, what I say, and what I do
  • ​And I’ve IMPACTED MORE PEOPLE than ever before

Take Action to Achieve Your Goals When You Reveal Your Soul with The MASSIVE ACTION PLAN

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The MASSIVE ACTION PLAN is an action plan for men who struggle to attack their goals.

This blueprint will focus you towards achieving your true goals, your “soul goals” without the need for discipline, giant stores of willpower, or GaryVee-esque motivation.

And you’ll discover your Soul Goals through a number of exercises that will help you tap into your true soul’s calling. 

When you begin The MASSIVE ACTION PLAN, you’ll take multiple honest assessments of yourself to discover your strengths and weaknesses that will help you on the path towards achieving your TRUE goals.

Then, you’ll be given the tools to eliminate distractions, and other activities that are no longer in alignment with your goals. 

This will help you carve out a path to achieve your Soul Goals.

Finally, you’ll find out how to structure your life and value execution OVER perfection… And DOMINATE every day.
  • How your inner beta TRICKS you into picking goals that are UNACHIEVABLE (and how to root out that inner beta to WIN BIG with your new goals)
  • A personality insight tool that was developed by a psychologist who was thrown in jail and had his books burned (this tool will give you insight to suppressed thoughts and feelings you NEVER knew you had)
  • The EDAD Filter System that will automatically eliminate the activities pulling you in different directions
  • All you need is a sheet of paper to start living an enormously FULFILLING, rich, and happy life. Find out how to use it inside.
  • ​You’re a snowflake! Not like that. I mean there will never be another person like you again. Find out how to MAXIMIZE your uniqueness on your soul journey inside.
  • A SWEET SPOT Formula to achieve what you want QUICKLY and avoid the frustration that other goal-setting men face
  • ​A FOOLPROOF METHOD to remove emotion from the equation when finding your life’s mission
  • How to “step into spiritual world” to reduce your ego and be completely honest with yourself to EXPOSE your true purpose
  • ​The REAL reason you’re unable to achieve worthwhile goals that others achieve with ease (this drives men CRAZY, but the answer will lead you towards more success)
  • Why you SHOULDN’T strengthen your weaknesses (and what you should do instead)
  • ​Objective and subjective personal assessments that you will use to dig deep into who you are, your personal strengths, and your weak points.
  • How you can LOOK like a personality?
  • ​A way to “Grease the Groove” to give yourself a SURGE of energy, even if you’re feeling burnt out, tired, and uninspired
  • How to find the PERFECT balance of structure and freedom so you don’t become a slave to your schedule, but STILL get stuff done
  • ​Beware the Troll Goals! Troll Goals led men to a bottomless pit of emptiness. They lead to suffering, coping, and sorrow. Discover what Troll Goals are and how you can avoid them inside
  • ​Why getting confused looks from other people means you’re HOT on the trail to your personal success
  • ​The Fog is a good thing. Why men who have clear visions of how to achieve their goals usually achieve the LEAST
  • ​Success and achievement goes to the extremist. Inside of this program I’ll show you how to drop everything and run full speed ahead to achieve EXTREME success by DOING LESS.
  • ​Six categories of life you should prescribe goals for and how to go about doing so
  • The distinction between recreation and entertainment that will be the difference between feeling rejuvenated and energized, or foggy, burnt out, and robotic.
  • ​Why thinking about the completion of your projects will SLOW YOU DOWN and what you should do instead to accelerate completion.
  • The absolute, 100%, BEST WAY to go about being confident
  • ​Most men borrow their goals from other men. Nothing more beta than that. Uncover how to blaze your own trail in The Massive Action Plan.
  • A mindset shift that will allow you to WIN BIG every single day like you never have before
  • ​Why you should TAKE AN AXE to people and activities in your life
  • When you SHOULD follow the beaten path to achieve success AND when you should avoid it like Coronavirus!
  • ​An easy way to peel away your superficial layers to set yourself up to ask the one meaningful question that will give you an answer that leads to wealth, happiness, and abundance
More men face anxiety, depression, and are diagnosed with learning disorders than EVER before.

And one of the reasons is that they’re chasing goals that AREN’T theirs.

Most men are force-fed their goals, agendas, and life paths by those indoctrinated in a system.

This leads to a mass of beta men who can’t solve problems,


Or demand respect.

All they can do is follow orders.

They live with inner-resistance.

Each day they battle themselves, they try to whip themselves into form to chase goals that aren’t really theirs.

This leads to a life of mediocrity...

On the other hand, when a man discovers his Soul Goals, and takes action towards achieving them...  

He is RELENTLESS in his attack.


He is DELIBERATE with his time…

He’s focused without the need for bottles of Adderall, gallons of coffee, or “smart” drugs…

He ignores distractions and extraneous activities with ease, because no social media post, video game, or porn video is as fulfilling as achieving a Soul Goal.


And when you consider how much easier life will become once you find your Soul Goal...

When you consider how much more fulfilling and exciting life will be as you pursue your Soul Goal.

When you imagine how much more confident, happy, 

bright and vibrant you’ll walk around when your life is built around your Soul Goal.

When you think about how much more MONEY you’ll make when you’re able to start and finish lucrative Soul Goal oriented projects in the same week…
It’s pretty easy to surmise that finding your Soul Goal is priceless...

Then, when you consider that I charge $1,000 dollars for a day of coaching, and that I usually share this EXACT information with my coaching clients…

You can see how it’d be easy for me to charge an astronomical amount, easily $500+ for the MASSIVE ACTION PLAN.


It’s my Soul Goal to Make Men Strong Again.

And one of our biggest collective weaknesses as men is living a false sense of reality. Chasing false goals. Suppressing the screams of our soul.

For that reason, I want this in the hands of as many men as possible…

So, I’m going to make the MASSIVE ACTION PLAN available for a more-than-fair, reasonable, and affordable:
But, I want to reward action takers.

For they are the ones who will receive and achieve the MOST with the MASSIVE ACTION PLAN.

If you’re a man of action, you’ll have the opportunity to grab The MASSIVE ACTION PLAN for a $50 introductory discount!

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This way, you can instantly begin your pursuit of your Soul Goals…

Start your journey towards a level of constant fulfillment most men only feel for a tiny fraction of their lives, if that,

And have a heavy stream of money, confidence, and happiness come roaring towards you.

Only $97

MASSIVE ACTION PLAN’S 100% Commitment Guarantee

Usually, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee here…

Instead, I’m offering a 100% Commitment Guarantee.

See, when it comes to tapping into your soul, you can’t just dip your toes in the water. You can’t just get used to the water temperature. You’ve gotta approach the ledge, jump up, tuck your knees, and make a BIG SPLASH.

That’s the ONLY way this program will work… 100% Commitment.

So, there’s no money-back guarantee.

Because I want you to grab this program with no reservations, no doubts, no hesitation that THIS program will lead you to a future of success, abundance, and fulfillment.
In other words, if you choose to grab this program, you’re burning the boats.

There is no return.

There is no unseeing what you’re about to see.

And this is to ensure that you use this program to its fullest, unless you want to deal with the guilt of leaving all of your untapped potential on the table.

The Alpha Way, or The Beta Way?

Men who are beta to their core will scoff at the idea of Soul Goals,

Tapping into their true potentials,

And discovering the true abundance life is waiting to give them.

They’re too busy chasing someone else’s goals to pay any mind to their own.

These beta men will continue to put off their tasks until tomorrow. They’ll continue to create inner-struggle by trying to discipline themselves. They’ll keep up their willpower management schemes. And they’ll continue to see their bank accounts look mediocre at best. But...
The men who heed the words on this page…

The men who realize that they’ve been chasing superficial, hand-me-down, second-hand goals and want to change that are the ones who will really tap into the abundance life has to offer.

Not just abundance in the realm of money, 

But in areas of confidence, happiness, relationships, and more…

Because you attract what you put out into the world.

When you’re putting out action that comes from the depths of your soul, you can only receive soulful gifts in return.

And I’ve made tapping into your soul easier than ever before.

I’ve laid out everything inside of the MASSIVE ACTION PLAN for you to quickly implement everything into your life.

And if you do your diligence (like every man should)... 

You’ll come out of the MASSIVE ACTION PLAN more accomplished and fulfilled than you ever have before.


Only $97

Talk soon,


The MASSIVE ACTION PLAN is a blueprint for men to tap into the limitless power, energy, and focus that the pursuit of their Soul Goal provides them.

Most men aren’t as productive, disciplined, or focused as they want to be because they’re chasing the WRONG goals.

More than that…

They’re unclear about their true strengths and weaknesses… AND… Who they truly are as a person.

As a result, they face continuous inner-struggle as they move through the world…

Through a number of different exercises and assessments inside of The MASSIVE ACTION PLAN, you’ll discover how to tap into your true soul’s calling, learn about your strengths and weaknesses and learn how you can use BOTH to accelerate your progress to your Soul Goal, eliminate distractions and other activities that chip away at your soul, and learn how to structure your life around your Soul Goal for maximum happiness, productivity, and effectiveness.

You can join the masses of strong men chasing their Soul Goals today…

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