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The Social Media Game Has Changed
YouTube is making it more and more difficult get paid to be a “YouTuber”...

In fact…

Nowadays, you need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 HOURS worth of watch time before you can actually partner up with YouTube… A.K.A. monetize your videos.

Facebook and Instagram now have “algorithms” that selectively show your followers your posts and limit your reach.

Despite all that...
Social Media is STILL a Powerful Money-Making Tool
And to use Social Media Platforms for the powerful marketing tools that they are, you’ve gotta learn the underlying monetization principles to put these platforms to use.

For example:

What’s the first call-to-action you should make to your audience to give yourself unlimited access to them?

How do you use an endcap to obtain the most valuable piece of information from your audience?

What’s a way to create titles that make them stand out like a pimp in a whorehouse?


All of this is shared inside of my…
Million Dollar YouTube Funnel COURSE
This is a speech I gave a few years back, but the information is just as relevant today, because the principles I teach are TIMELESS.

And they apply to, not just YouTube, 

but Instagram, 


and other social media platforms as well.
Inside the Million Dollar YouTube Funnel, you’ll discover:
  •  Exactly what has worked for me when it comes to making powerful, influential videos and social media content.
  •  How often should you post? Find the answer inside
  •  Don’t pay for ADs! Learn how to use your YouTube/Social Media pages as your own personal billboard, and get PAID to do it
  •  Don’t forget to add THIS to every single video and post (or else you’ll stop yourself from making money)
The Art of Writing Titles that Grab Eyeballs and Open Wallets
  •  Stop trying to be original. How remixing old ideas makes entertaining and engaging content
  •  Trying to sell by being an expert is futile - find out how to stand out like a cheetah in a horse race.
  •  Examples of what an “endcap” is and how you can use this effective tool to get more customers
  •  What your first offer should be, and the most important information you should acquire from your audience (which will lead to more smackaroonies in your sweaty hands)
The #1 WORST mistake you can make when creating your content (this kills engagement, viewership, and influence over your audience)
  •  How you use “rules of engagement” to save you tons of headaches and avoid “list leeches”
  •  The correct amount of time you should spend interacting with your audience (it’s the opposite of what you think)
  •  A strange reason why you shouldn’t teach until your prospect has bought from you
  •  7 Steps to successfully launching your first product
  •  An in-depth description of different tiers of products and how to pick which one best fits your audience
Warren Buffet’s Method of Selling his Most Important Asset
  •  You’re not in business unless you have an ascension ladder. Find out what it is and how to mold it to your niche.
  •  Uncover the “Heartbeat” Method to allow your online business to thrive
  •  Don’t post your YouTube videos to Facebook - do this instead and get 3x more views
  •  The RIGHT way to judge the value of your content
  •  A very simple way to come up with fresh content every. single. day
And a whole lot more.
Don’t Listen to the Naysayers
People throw out limiting beliefs like:

“YouTube is too saturated”

“It’s too hard to get followers”

“I’ve had a channel for a year and only get 100 views per video”

“Nobody sees your posts”

With the information I’m sharing, it doesn’t matter if you get 100 views or a million views. 

If you follow the same process I did, 

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