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The NonJobs™ Revolution Is My BRAND-NEW Book To Teach You How To Do What You Love & Make A Great Living Doing It… So that you can have the FREEDOM to quit your job, travel the world and follow your passion.
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If you do not love your job enough to become the best at it, get out of it the way you would get out a burning house. Do not stay at a job you do not love because it is the high-road to failure, dissatisfaction and unhappiness in life. - Brian Tracy
In 1850, the American Elite was in serious trouble. 
The politicians and the factory owners who were running the country - realized that their days were numbered. 

They had two big problems. 

The first problem was that they couldn’t get enough people to go to work in their factories.

There just weren’t enough people who were willing to go to a dark factory for 12 hours a day, six days a week and do what they were told. 

And why would they when they could work on the farm in the morning, read and study in the afternoons, and spend time with their families at night. 

But the industrialists had a second problem: Who was going to buy all of the stuff the factories produced?

In 1850, there was no such thing as materialistic consumerism.

People owned one pair of shoes and one pair of jeans. 

The industrialists needed to get us obedient enough to work in their factories, and addicted to materialism by “keeping up with the Jones’s” so we would buy all of their products. 

So they came up with an ingenious solution!
The Public Education System.
The public education system as we know it was created by an American politician from Massachusetts called Horace Mann.

Horace Mann designed the system to make us:
  • Good factory workers.
  • Good consumers.
Neither of these things help you, but they sure help those in power. 

Mr Mann designed the school system to teach one thing: OBEDIENCE.

And they came up with ingenious ways to do this. 
  • ​  They would have the children sit in straight rows in the classroom just like they would sit us in the factory.
  • ​  Each year we take standardized tests and if we fail them, they would hold us back a year and force us to try again. 
  •    They would teach us to do exactly what they told us, and if we argued and spoke back, we would be reprimanded (Today we have detention. Back then you’d be hit with a cane).
But then something came along that Horace Mann could have never predicted:
The internet gives all of us an opportunity to regain our freedom. To check out of the industrial system, and get paid to play (in other words, to make a living doing what we love).

You can escape the drudgery of the office (which is simply a modern day factory).

You don’t have to do what other people tell you to do. You don’t need to be another guy on the assembly line, or another guy crunching paperwork 

You don’t have to work for a soulless company. You can work for a company with passion and values that is making a difference in the world. 

You can create YouTube videos about the thing you love, and get paid to do so

I needed a term to describe your job title when instead of working for a corporate machine, you work for yourself
That term is NonJob, and it’s your ticket to a life of freedom, and doing work you love. 

Some people will read this letter and be afraid because it is scary and alien. For others, you’ll hear the sigh of relief because it’s what’ve they’ve been waiting for all their lives. 
The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working...
To quote Tony Schwartz, author of The Power Of Full Engagement, “The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working”.

I can prove this to you by asking one simple question: How many people do you know who truly love their jobs?

You can probably count them on one hand. 
The traditional model of work where we get a “safe and stable” 9-5 job, is the reason why so many of us are unhappy, frustrated and stressed by our jobs. 

In a poll of 90,000 workers in 18 separate countries, the consulting firm Towers Perrin discovered some shocking statistics about how many people hate their jobs.

They found:
This means that only 1 in 4 people actually enjoy their work. Clearly, something is wrong with the current system.
But it gets even worse!
  • The Wall Street Journal reported that 70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck (people don’t make enough money to pay for their bills)
  • And according to a Gallup poll, 46% of people believe they are underpaid for how hard they work.
People don’t just hate getting up for work in the morning… they aren’t even getting paid enough money to do it.
We’re raised in a world where the system dominates, and our hearts are left to be squashed and ignored. 
We’re taught that the point of getting a job is to make money so we can buy shit we don’t need to impress people we don’t like. 

We’re taught that creativity, passion and HAPPINESS don’t matter. 

We’re taught that we’re supposed to climb the corporate ladder: Go to school, go to college, get a degree, get a job, get a better job, buy a house, get retirement funds, die.

But I say “F*@K THAT!”

You don’t have to participate in the corporate machine. You’re free to choose. 

(And it wasn’t always this way. There was a day when if you wanted to opt out of the system, they would burn you at the stake).

I’m going to ask you to make a choice today. Are you going to climb the corporate ladder (where you have an 80% chance of hating your job) or are you going to take a different path?

This different path is called a NonJob.
Elliott, What Is A NonJob™
& How Do I Get One?
Back when I was making daily “Yo Elliott” videos on YouTube, I would receive thousands of questions every single month.

A staggering number of those questions went something like this:
  • ​  “Elliott, I’m studying for my college degree but the subject bores me to tears and I want to drop out. What should I do?”
  • ​  “Elliott, I’ve got stuck in a low-paying job and I want to leave. What should I do?”
  • ​  “Elliott, I really love health and fitness but I have a job in banking. My job is safe, reliable and it pays my bills… but it’s not my passion. What should I do?
These are all challenges I’ve experienced myself. 

I studied hospital administration while I was in college - I don’t remember a single class - so I understand how it is to study a subject you couldn’t care less about.

I got a corporate job working as a personal trainer but I was forced to leave when my boss began cracking down on how I had to train my clients, and how much money I could earn. 

I know the challenge of leaving a stable job behind so you can follow your true calling.

As difficult as it can be, My answer to all of these questions is the same: CREATE A NONJOB.

A NonJob™ Is A Way Of Earning A Fantastic Living Without A Traditional Job And By Doing What You Love.
To use more pragmatic language, a NonJob is an online business entrepreneurial venture based around your passion and the things you love.
A NonJob involves creating books, services, products, webinars, and workshops around your passion.

The thing you’re passionate about doesn’t matter. It could be:
  • Music
  • Gardening
  • Woodworking
  •  Astrology
  • Skateboarding
  • Farm animals
  • Yoga
  •  Badminton
  • Beekeeping
  • Personal development
  • Flyfishing
  •  Fitness
The NonJob Resume is very different from resumes needed to break into the basic corporate world,.

All you need is three things:
1. You Must Love Something
The first requirement for having a NonJob is that you LOVE something. 

You must have a PASSION. You must have a FIRE in your belly! There must be ENERGY flowing through you!

The thing you have passion for isn’t so important. Even at 38, my passions are still constantly changing just as your passions will evolve over time. 

But the starting point for a NonJob is to love something. 

And when you have something you love, EXPLORE IT. Read books. Take courses. (Most of the major universities allow you to take their classes online for FREE. You can sit there and study the course as though you spent $150,000 for it! You have zero excuses if you’re serious about building a NonJob).

NonJobs take a lot of work - especially in the beginning. But it’s your passion that will get you to bounce out of bed in the morning and do it.

2. You Must Share The Love
When you truly love something, you can’t help but share it with those around you.

Think about how it feels when you learn something new… For example, when you learn an amazing new Brazilian Jiu Jitsu move, read a piece of English literature that moves you to the point of tears, or a new woodworking technique. If you’re like me, the first thing you want to do is tell your friends about it!

We’re social creatures. We’re wired to want to share our passions with those around us. 

With the internet, this has never been more possible. 

There was a time that unless you were on Oprah, or had a book in Barnes and Nobles that you couldn’t share your knowledge and passion. 

Today, with the internet and social media, those lines of communication are wide open.

If you like talking, use your iphone to begin recording videos. 

If you like writing, begin writing about your passion and share it on social media.

When you do this, you’ll slowly but surely begin to attract an audience of loyal, raving fans who want to hear what you have to say. 

They’ll want to learn from you to hear your tips and strategies.

As you build your audience, you open yourself up to the third stage. 
3. You Must Receive The Love
When you’re building an audience, that’s when you can open the doors to getting paid. 

As an example, after making about 700 YouTube videos, I learned that I could get paid for running ads which played just before my videos. 

These ad networks would send me checks - big checks - every single month. And I openly accept them, because the more money I earn, the more I can serve my community.

I write books like The NonJob Revolution, or the many fitness and health books and courses I’ve created and offer them to my community.

I deliver speeches and run events such as the Grow Stronger Experience and Grounding Camp. 

Here’s the beautiful thing: you can give 80% of your content away for FREE. However, you’ll always have 20% of your audience who want to pay you for your knowledge and expertise so that they can go deeper. 

This is the step that allows you to sleep well at night because you have enough money in your bank account to put a roof over your head and support your family.

Truthfully, receiving the love is the most difficult part of this for most people. You have a lot to learn about packaging your ideas, marketing your products and courses. 

However, the NonJob Revolution book will help you with this process. 
It’s easy to look at me now at the height of my success and think that I’m somehow different than you.

But it was just 7 years ago that I was $90,000 in debt, on the verge of bankruptcy and weighing only 180 pounds because I couldn’t hardly afford to feed myself. Did I mention I had a wife and four children during this hellish time?

I’m nobody special. I’m just a guy with a video camera, who has found something he loves and spent years studying it. 

I’m a guy who’s tried a lot of stuff, and figured out a few things which work. 

I’m no different than you, and I’m no smarter than you. Everything I’ve done, you can do too. 

But don’t take my word for it.
Building a NonJob is simple, but it’s not easy.

Truthfully, you have a lot to learn in the next 6-months.

You’ll have many nights where you’ll be up to 3am creating content for your subscribers, building your product and figuring out how to design a website. 

It’s an intense commitment. This is a game for GLADIATORS. 

However, if you commit to the process, I believe it’s possible for you to quit your job in the next 6 months. But it’s going to take a lot of work to get there. 

But as personal finance expert Dave Ramsey says “If you’ll do what no one else is willing to do now, you get to live the rest of your life like no one else”.
  • Imagine being able to wake up at whatever time you want, getting to work WHEN you want from WHERE you want. 
  • Imagine the security of a second paycheck coming in every single month like clockwork from your NonJob.
  • Imagine being able to keep your job if that’s what you want to do, but knowing you can quit anytime you want because you’ve built your NonJob on the side. 
This is exactly what I want to show you how to do in the NonJob Revolution.
The NonJob Revolution Audio Program

The problem for most would-be NonJobbers is they don't have enough Time,  Money, Clarity and Direction to get started on their path.

Many hope to achieve their dreams of financial independence, but fall short.  They spend weeks or months thinking, hoping, dreaming and wishing they could ground their ambition in actionable steps.  But before success reaches their door, they lose motivation and quit. 

The right way to get started on your path to NonJob success is to:
1) Discover The Inspired Path (your passion)
2) Reprogram Your Mind For Success (squash negative thinking)
3) Follow A PROVEN MODEL For NonJob Excellence 
4) Rinse & Repeat -- there is ZERO limit on how much you can earn as a NonJobber! 
As A NONJOB Revolutionary... you will gain crystal clarity and direction on your inspired path.  You will be CERTAIN that you are following your passion and on your way to mastery. 

As A NONJOB Revolutionary... you will have the confidence and conviction necessary to overcome all challenges standing between YOU, and the life of your dreams.  Revolutionaries require a WARRIORS MINDSET; you will be prepped and primed to dominate without distractions.  

As A NONJOB Revolutionary... you have The Handbook which shows you the blueprint to build success, and the map to your destination.  There is no victory, without a plan.  The NonJob Revolution program is a proven model for small business victory in The New World.  Avoid stepping on "landmines" that destroy your chances of victory.... this book shows you how. 

As A NONJOB Revolutionary... there are NO LIMITS to how much money, freedom and happiness you'll earn.  If you're willing to follow my lead, use my plans and execute with single-minded focus THE WORLD IS YOURS for the taking. 

In this course, you’ll also discover:
  • ​ How to build a NonJob you love,  that brings in $4,000+ each and every month (that’s $50,000 per year!) and gives you the freedom to quit your day job if you wish.

  • How to get on "The Inspired Path" when you're not sure what your passion is.  Most people never discover their passion in life because they've never been shown this path to fulfillment. 

  •   The 3 Pillars of your NonJob - how to use each pillar with step-by-step instructions for building your very own NonJob. 

  •  The 3 rituals I used to drag myself out of $90,000 of credit card debt and recondition my mind for absolute financial abundance. These rituals are easy to do, only take a few minutes each day and will reprogram your subconscious mind for ultimate success and fulfillment. 

  •  How To Become A MARKETING MASTER! Marketing is the tool by which you serve the world. It’s the skillset of taking people who have never heard of you, adding value to their lives and turning them into loyal, dedicated customers. No NonJob is possible without marketing mastery.

  •  How to build an audience of 10,000 or even 100,000 people who know, like and trust you. 

  •  How to build a tribe of raving fan customers who will buy every single product you put out (allowing you to make a fantastic living from your art).

  •  How to build your NonJob on the side - you don’t have to quit your job to build a NonJob. You can do it on the side for just a few hours per week.

  • ​The 12 Most Important Lessons I’ve Personally Learned About Having a NonJob.  I've made mistakes (lots)... so you don't have to.  Navigate your path with ease, by following these 12 essential keys! 

  •  How to become a master PROBLEM SOLVER.  Building a NonJob isn’t about taking selfies and posting them on Instagram, its about helping people solve their biggest problems.  As an expert, this is your responsibility... as a NonJobber, this is your key to profits.  

  • ​Where to begin your NonJob journey if you have NO IDEA what anyone would ever pay you to do.

  •  A behind-the-scenes look at the systems, processes and key performance indicators we use to build Strength Camp (my NonJob) from - $0 to $1,000,000 in less than one year. 

  •  STORYTELLING is the key to influence.  For thousands of years human-kind passed on knowledge and inspiration through stories.  Today we use social media to update our "stories" to keep fans engaged and sell products... but most "me-too" entrepreneurs are doing is ALL WRONG.  

  •  Why you should IGNORE EVERYONE, to build your dream business.  Your NonJob is as unique as your finger print, and it should reflect your individual likes, tastes and preferences.  This is the attitude I had when building Strength Camp (and 3 other NonJobs) over the last 10 years. 

  • ​How to navigate your Inspired Path with focus, clarity and direction.  Most ADHD entrepreneurs are easily distracted... your Inspired Path will keep you moving forward with conviction. 

  •  Why you must learn to follow your heart rather than your brain on your NonJob journey.  As I say, on the inspired path courage trumps knowledge. 

  •  The 3 types of people you need around you when you’re on your inspired path : Angels, Mirrors and Crystal Balls. You’ll attract these 3 types of people on your journey, and each has something different to teach you.

  •  The 3 mantras I used to achieve “unexpected success”. These mantras will allow you to stop FORCING your way to success, and instead allow things to unfold perfectly and bring gifts into your life in ways that were even better than you could ever expected. With these mantras money, and friendships will flow into your life easily and effortlessly.

  •  How to destroy some of your character flaws and “eat your shadows”.  No matter how much success you have achieved in your life, there will always be room for inner growth.  If you have any character flaws or imbalances, they will eventually be exposed and you will have to deal with them - otherwise your NonJob will be doomed.
  •  How to write like a master copywriter, by following a simple 4-step formula.  Your words will have people taking out their credit cards on drove in order to buy your products and services. 

  •  and much, much more...
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You Have 3 Options You Can Take From Here
The way I see it, You have three options.
Option one: Ignore everything you’ve read on this page and bury your head in the sand. Tell yourself that your current job or studying for that college degree you couldn’t care less about isn’t that bad. Pretend you don’t want the ultimate freedom that a NonJob brings, and resign yourself to a life of mediocrity.
Option two: Try and do all this on your own. Spend hundreds of hours reading books about business, sales and marketing. Spend thousands of dollars educating yourself on these topics and seeking out the top online business experts in the world. Waste years of your life living beneath your potential before finally achieving success after years of trial and error. 
Then there’s the third option: pick up your copy of The NonJobs Revolution. Go through the book from cover to cover. Take action on what you learn and immediately begin climbing the NonJob ladder. Watch as your NonJob grows until you’re able to quit your job and go full-time. And once you’ve made it, give back by teaching others how to start their own NonJob.
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