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Last year I traveled to Chicago and London answering the questions that are perplexing men just like you.

As you know some of my most valuable content and lessons come from on the spot question & answer (like my YO Elliott Videos)

But I never could have imagined how much the LIVE setting could amplify the sincerity of my answers to these men... So much so that I feel the need to share it with those of you who were not at these live events.

I recorded every question asked because I knew there would be some extremely valuable lessons inside...

The OVER 40 questions (some of which I have NEVER been asked before on my channel) are availible to you...

Questions range from women troubles, to dreams, to the examples below:
  •  I’m good at expressing myself normally, but get stifled around some people. How do I deal with people who are more alpha/dominant than me?
  • When I try and focus on my breathing when in a conversation, I find that I can’t respond. Is this normal? How do I fix this?
  •  When people yell at me or criticize me, my brain freezes and I don’t know how to react. What should I do to change this?
  •  Should I tell people about my goals, or keep them to myself? Which serves me better?
  •  I feel like I’m losing interest in things, interests I had, entering a void of nothing. What’s going on?
  •  How do I reconcile taking massive action with letting things go? How do I know when I should be doing each?
  •  I’m a budding entrepreneur with a YouTube channel and selling on Amazon, but I’m struggling to ignore the temptations of my friends to go back to be my old weed smoking self. What should I do?
  •  How do I keep myself focused, grounded, and disciplined without letting frustration of not reaching my goals fast enough get in the way?
  •  I struggle with breaking free from the expectations of my family. I know it will serve me well, but it’s scary and feels lonely. What do I do?
  •  What can I do to maintain a supportive routine? (going to bed on time, eating the right foods, etc)
  •  How do I balance my sexual energy? (Cumming vs. Monk Mode)
  •  My dad pisses me off with his neurotic behavior. What can I do to deal with this?
  •  What can we do to initiate ourselves into modern masculinity?
  •  How do I get out of my head when speaking my affirmations and mantras?
  •  I know in my heart I need to quit my job to feel fully free, but I have a massive fear of losing my wealth when I finally do. How do I muster up the bravery to give up my job and do what I know I need to do?
And that’s less than half of the questions…
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